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    Multi-agent 3D Tracking in Intelligent Spaces with a Single Extended Particle Filter

    TitleMulti-agent 3D Tracking in Intelligent Spaces with a Single Extended Particle Filter
    Publication TypeConference Paper
    Año de publicación2009
    AutoresMarron, M, Pizarro, D, Garcia, JC, Marcos, A, Jalvo, R, Mazo, M
    Idioma de publicaciónEnglish
    Conference NameWISP 2009. 6th IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Signal Processing
    Páginas305 - 310
    Conference LocationBudapest
    Fecha de publicación09/2009
    Numero ISBN978-1-4244-5058-9
    Palabras claveIntelligent spaces, position estimation, Probabilistic Algorithms, three-dimensional reconstruction

    A new method for tracking multiple objects in an intelligent space is proposed in this paper. The observation model is based on a camera ring statically mounted at the ceiling of the environment in order to obtain all relevant information related to the different objects that wonder (get into and go out) in the space of interest. In the paper, the two subsystems used to track all static and dynamic entities wondering in the intelligent space: a three-dimensional reconstruction of these entities; and, an individual track of all these entities in their movement along the environment with probabilistic techniques. The reliability, and robustness of the proposal presented is finally also demonstrated in this paper with different tests.

    37_Marron.pdf402.07 KB